"Rob created one of the most original, most detailed, most impressive, and most eye-catching tattoos that you will ever see"

I showed up with a pic and thinking I knew what I wanted. Of course, I got what I wanted, but so much more. To begin, Rob (also the owner) pointed out the importance of having a tattoo that is at least somewhat unique to oneself. Then, having thought it through, he modified and added details to the pic I brought that gave it personal meaning and serious pop. And by combining various techniques (amazing 3D realism in animal and floral depictions, flawless and personalized freehand script, and creative use of tribal and other accents) he created one of the most original, most detailed, most impressive, and most eye-catching tattoos that you will ever see. Indeed, I have personally met no one having a tattoo of such quality.

Plus, Rob is just a great guy to go through the process with, very tuned-in to what you're looking for, and committed to making the whole experience as positive and meaningful as possible. As for cost, the price ended up being better, by comparison, than anything offered by the several competitors I checked with. Indeed, none of them had bothered to take me through the process of creating a custom masterpiece. Rather than being concerned with what I'd be satisfied with long-term, they seemingly wanted to charge nearly as much for simply copying the pic I found on the Internet. Moreover, Rob never stopped thinking about ways to improve it from the time we met to the end of the second and final session. In short, I could not have been more impressed or happy with the experience.


- Jonathan E-P., 5-star google review


"super clean and very polite"

Super clean and Very polite. Loved the artist's style and patience with me getting my first tattoo. They were understanding and made sure my first time was a smooth one. My artist was Marlon and he was one smooth dude. I knew what I wanted but couldn't picture it, Marlon helped me find the perfect image for my first tattoo. The process was quick and done beautifully. Another artist, Marvin is also a great artist, purchased his prints from Fan Expo 3 years in a row. Great guy with a great talent. Definitely recommend these two artists at Phat Buddha.

- Willy Chan., 5-star google review

Mar 10, 2017

"good prices and very friendly"

I got all my tattoos in Phat Buddha tattoo shop why? They do Nice job good prices and very friendly you know what are meaning ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ if don't understand just go and check it out and you will know(>﹏<)

- Jin M., 5-star google review

Mar 7, 2017

"wonderful artist"

Marvin is a wonderful artist. He takes his time and does his best to create your vision into a piece of body art. I highly reccommend him as i am now thinking of my 5th tattoo with him.

- G.H., 5-star google review

Mar 3, 2017

"Class, professionalism, and comfort"

When you decide to get your first tattoo, it's aways an unnerving experience for you personally. I called Marvin after reviewing and visiting other places and I could tell by just the phone conversation this was the place to do it. Pleasant is an understatement, class, professionalism and comfort is what Phat Bhudda is all about. M and M rock this spot and I have been back for a second one along with referring many. Don't think twice... It's about an experience more than just a shop. Thanks gents.

 - Chet J., 5-star google review

Mar 2, 2017

"I'm glad I chose this tattoo shop over the others."

I came to phat buddha a few months ago and got a tattoo done on my right shoulder. Marvin did a really good job and I'm glad I chose this tattoo shop over the others. Most important was that the quipment was clean!!

 - Mandy L., 5-star google review

Feb 28, 2017

"dedicated to providing the best tattoo experience..."

One of the best tattoo shops in the Greater Toronto Area! Rob is the most professional and courteous artist out there. He's passionate at what he does best, and that's the art of the Polynesian tatau. He's dedicated to providing the best tattoo experience one can receive. His prices are the most reasonable for the amount of quality you get. I would definitely return again after my Polynesian sleeve is competed with Rob!

- Dan D., 5-star google review

Feb 21, 2017

"makes you feel comfortable through the whole process"

I got a pointalism rib piece done by Logan and it came out incredible! He is a really talented artist, not only does he know what he is doing but he makes you feel comfortable through the whole process. He is very friendly and proffesional, ask for Logan at the shop!

- Katie A., 5-star google review

Feb 19, 2017

"exceeds all my expecations"

I got my very first tattoo done with Marvin, I had a rough idea of what I wanted and he was able to transform those ideas into a beautiful piece of art!! The tattoo turned out amazing and it exceeds all my expectations :) Marvin is a true artist, very professional and friendly and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

 - Pegah S., 5-star google review

Feb 18, 2017

"I am so in love with it!"

I've been wanting to cover up an old tattoo of mine for awhile and when I saw a tattoo from my friend done by Marvin, I knew I had to go in and see him. Went to see him in Dec 2016 for a quick consultation and after seeing more of his work, I booked an appointment with him. (Book early because he's super busy!) Got it done today and I am so in love with it! :) He's very detailed with his work and prices are also very reasonable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Tianne L., 5-star google review

Feb 16, 2017


Marlon did an amazing job both times that I went to him. He took his time and patiently did the tattoo, all while being incredibly safe with the utensils. This resulted in an incredible tattoo. I would highly recommend this place to anyone thinking of getting a tattoo. They have some interesting monthly deals as well!

Sarangy G, 5-star google review

Feb 7, 2017

"great first experience"

Walked in during the afternoon and was greeted by James and Marlon, both were super friendly! My sister and I got our ears percied by Marlon. The process was nice and quick and my cartilage barely hurted! Price is reasonable and Marlon also told me where I can buy good quality earrings and would switch it for me free of charge at the shop. Had a great first experience, definitely would be coming back!

- Cindy C., 5-star google review

Feb 2, 2017


I would like to say my experience at the Phat Buddha tattoo and piercing shop was fantastic! I'm generally a nervous person when it comes to getting tattoos.However, my tattoo artists Marlon made me feel very comfortable. I trusted Marlon to be my tattoo artist because his portfolio was dam good! I had an amazing experience ! He's very talented andI will never allow anybody else to complete my tattoo beside him. He was so great I Iet him tatoo my daughter. She's very picky and can be a tough cookie to deal with. However, Marion's Magic hands was able to complete job perfectly! As a matter of fact I have recommended all of my friends to get tattooed by him. And I have many friends so Marlon will be a busy man. Lorraine and Alyssia Griffiths OK now I think I'm addicted! I went on Friday and got another beautiful tat from Marlon and so did my daughter. We got matching tats that we are both very, very pleased with. So much so we are going back today to get touched by Marlon again! His art work is amazing! All my friends as well want to receive the Midas touch, so on Saturday a few of us will go. Yahoo! Can't wait to see what Marlon will do next.

-Lorraine G., 5-star google review

Jan 30, 2017 


"Customer service is A1"

I am reviewing two artists from this shop. I'm pleased to say I went to Marvin for some of my earlier tattoos, and he knocked it out of the park with my asian traditional full sleeve, it was initially a cover up of another artists work (from a different shop) and ended up being that and an extension with his own work. My entire left arm is dedicated to the asian style of tattoos and it looks great. He has a cool and laid back attitude so he made the two back to back 8 hour sessions relaxed and bearable. Going back for my touch up soon, can't wait! From my understanding, Jamieson is one of the newer additions to the team but let me just say this guy is no amateur. His work in the American traditional/old school style of tattoos is real solid. So far i've gotten four tattoos from him (over two visits) and now we're both collaborating ideas on making another full sleeve happen over time. His overall attitude and customer service is A1, he's very humorous so he's gonna make you laugh and engage being relatable as well as being sincere with professional advice so you don't ever leave with anything regrettable. Just another reason as to why i'll continue returning to this establishment.

-Kevin B., 5-star google review

Jan 15, 2017

"Absolutely amazing color tattoo...."

Tattoo by marvin

Tattoo by marvin

Gave me an absolutely amazing color tattoo on my arm of mike wazowski from monsters inc

 - Brad P., 5-star google review

Jan 15, 2017


"..Professional, but yet so chill..."

Started my half sleeve about a month, great first time tattoo experience. Staff is very professional, but yet so chill, they really do take care of you! Very easy to work with Marvin and the staff, amazing collection of artworks, and a sweet movie setup!

 - Si W., 5-star google review

Jan 11, 2017


"I felt comfortable and super at ease"

I must say, when I got my first tattoo I was so nervous, but thanks to Marvin I felt comfortable and super at ease, despite it being my first tattoo I loved it so much, and felt very little pain! ( I thought I was going to cry to be honest haha ) Marvin has amazing art work too that you should definitely check out while you're at the counter!! He's super friendly, and fun to talk to especially if you're a huggeee geek like me into comics, marvel, dc, anime, etc. On Christmas I got my second tattoo, and once again super comfortable, no pain, and happy to see Marvin again as always, and luckily he squeezed me in for a small tattoo !! Everything went smoothly, super satisfied about the tattoo. And trust me getting the two tattoos I thought would have costed me like a lot, but the prices are great! I think I would stick with Marvin being my only tattoo artist from now on, and I can't wait to get more tattoos from Marvin, hopefully something bigger next time. If you plan to get your tattoo soon, talk to Marvin! He's the real deal and the greatest. ❤ - Tessa-Chan Cosplay

- T.A.T., 5-star google review

Dec 25, 2016

"It is absolutely perfect"

I walked in during my lunch hour looking for a quick filler to satisfy my addiction before the holidays arrive. Marvin made time for me. I had a few ideas but settled on an old school "mom" heart. Unlike most other tattoo shops, a design of this small size would have been photocopied and stenciled but I was so extremely elated when Marvin started to draw the heart freehand, fitting it into the space so perfectly. I trusted him 100% to make it look good and it is absolutely perfect. I will be back for sure. Marvin is an amazing artist and I would love to have him work on a more extensive piece vs a filler next time. His technique was gentle and I felt very little pain. Customer service was spectacular, there are no "snobby" feelings at all. Their pricing is more than fair (and I admire artists that negotiate pricing, I never would) because I feel their art on my body is worth what they are charging and I also believe you should tip. If you tip your hairdresser, you should definitely tip your tattooist!!

 - Shelley C., 5-star google review

Dec 19, 2016


Ryan sporting rob's trademark polynesian tattoo

Ryan sporting rob's trademark polynesian tattoo

Great Artist, Super Friendly! I came there as a first time person getting a polynesian ink and i will assure you that the artist was very confident with his work. He shows you a couple of his work and the breakdown for each session. Although the ending results are PHENOMENAL! i can tell you that having your own customized polynesian tattoo or even considering on getting one is almost as precious as a diamond. the artist puts accuracy in each line and well layered details in every corners. Hes also good with negative space which was something i enjoyed looking through my tattoo session. I Also enjoyed the education in learning what each symbol meant on my arm, it was rather just amazing in how deep the culture of polynesian can go down to. Overall I rate this store a 5 star for an amazing artist/friend and just knowing he always tries to out beat his previous work, it is a must go to if you consider in getting polynesian tattoos!!! (Thank you Rob For your amazing work on my half sleeve!)

- Ryan F., 5-star google review

Dec 7, 2016

"Recommending all my friends to come to phat buddha!"

I had the best experience at phat buddah from the beginning to the end. I had the honour of getting tattoo done by Jamieson. Super friendly guy, made me feel very comfortable (since this was my first tattoo) and I never felt scared. Definitely coming back here for my next tattoos, and recommending all my friends to come to phat buddha! Thanks again Jamieson.

- Charlie S., 5-star google review

Dec 5, 2016

"Marvin was superb"

Quick service, professional demeanor and atmosphere, Marvin was superb and I got exactly what I asked for, will definitely be going back for more work.

-Andrew T., 5-star google review

Nov 28, 2016

"5/5 definitely goes to marlon"

5/5 definitely goes to Marlon for getting the design for me, as well as perfectly working it out on my arm. Really appreciated the time he put in, as well as the service given. I definitely recommend him to anyone who's down for some really pretty flowers on their boy! :)

-Vienna P., 5-star google review

Nov 24, 2016

"10/10 I'm going here every time"

Phat Buddha has what I think is the best prices for great quality work. Logan did my half sleeve and my right chest and as far as I know there isn't someone in Toronto who does trash polka like Logan does. He puts a lot of thought and work in when designing and planning and the finished product reflects that. 10/10 I'm going here every time.

- Josh P., 5-star google review

Nov 20, 2016

"tattoo was awesome and I love it so much."

It's been 2 weeks since I got my tattoo here and I had a great experience with marvin (the artist). He was so friendly and very professional. The tattoo was awesome and I love it so much.

- Janine M.M., 5-star google review

Mar 10, 2017

"Marvin will go above and beyond"

Just had a piece done by Marvin. Everything was up to par and met my expectations. Quality of the work is fantastic, everything from outlines to shading was great. For that kind of quality tattoo the price I paid was beyond reasonable. Customer service wise, without a doubt I can say that Marvin will go above and beyond to make sure his clients are satisfied. Why do I say this? I have a skin condition called eczema, thus leading to a bit of a messy healed tattoo. I recently went back for a touch up and not only did Marvin take his time to make sure the touch up went well, he was aware of my skin condition and was kind enough to wrap up the piece with Tatu-derm (which is a pricey breathable and water proof wrap/bandage) usually only used for hard to plastic wrap areas. I definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking to get anything from scripts to portraits.

- Edwin C., 5-star google review

Mar 9, 2017

"professional artist/piercing"

So awesome services and professional artist/piercing . Especially Marlon tattoos artist & piercing . He did my piercing today :D thank you Marlon (:

- Evan M., 5-star google review

Mar 5, 2017

"the details are perfect and intricate"

My forearm peice came out so great😆 they're really fast but the details are perfect and intricate

 - Alex O., 5-star google review

Feb 28, 2017

"Thank you, I love my tattoo!"

Great artists! Great vibe. Great talent. Both Marvin and Marlon are great at what they do, very professional and I will definitely recommend to others. Thank-you, I love my tattoo!

- Anne T., 5-star google review

Feb 21, 2017

“great at his work”

Marvin was attentive and great at his work! Will be back soon. :)

-- Anna V, 5-star google review

Feb 6, 2017


Went in for 2 second lobe piercings. Marlon was really nice, made me feel comfortable and showed me that his needles were new and sterile. Would recommend this place for piercings!!!

 - Emily L., 5-star google review

Jan 30, 2017


The atmosphere was amazing, the artists there were super nice and were very fun to talk to. My experience was amazing and the tattoo that I got was sick and it makes me really happy

-Susanna P, 5-star google review

Jan 30, 2017

"Rob is the man to see"

tattoo by rob

tattoo by rob

The first time I walked in to Phat Buddha and spoke to Rob, I loved his personality and energy. I knew the things I wanted to incorporate into my tattoo but didn't know exactly how to put it all together. Rob some how had everything figured out in his head and knew exactly how to put everything I wanted into a beautiful looking tattoo. 3 sessions later I have a finished tattoo that honestly looks nothing short of amazing. Rob is an extremely good artist and does amazing work. If you're looking for a detailed, intricate, big tattoo, Rob is the man to see.

 - Matt B., 5-star google review

Jan 28, 2017

"I have complete trust in Marvin"

When choosing a tattoo artist, you have to be able to trust them. They are putting something on you that is permanent. I have complete trust in Marvin. When getting a tattoo done, I've never come in with a picture. I don't know what my tattoo will look like. I walk in, tell Marvin my idea, and he gets it done. We have an understanding. He free hands everything. Most people would not be comfortable with that. I have complete trust in him, and I've never been disappointed. If you always wanted to get a tattoo, but didn't know what to get, go see Marvin. If you want to cover up an old tattoo that you got while you were young and stupid, or maybe drunk, go see him for that also. He can cover it up with something better. I've been to other popular places, and honestly, they don't measure up. Great service, friendly atmosphere and an amazing artist.

- David T., 5-star google review

Jan 19, 2017

"Marvin's a boss"

Marvins a boss 🔥🔥 i r8 m8 str8 gr8 definitely coming back

Alex D., 5-star google review

Jan 18, 2017

"Thank you Marvin for the amazing work!"

This was my first tattoo experience and I would highly recommend this place to anybody who is thinking about getting a tattoo done. Marvin was an exceptional artist and made me feel very comfortable at all times. I had to go back for multiple of sessions, and felt welcomed everytime I came in. The studio is very clean and organized. Thank you Marvin for the amazing work!

 - Bailey C., 5-star google review

Jan 14, 2017

"They really put their clients first"

Some of THE kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! I went during their Friday the 13th special and regardless of the hectic volume of clients, all the artists were patient and accommodating. They really put their clients first. Marvin did two tattoos for me and I loved it. Worth the lineup. Really easy to talk to and socialize with everyone at the shop. Overall, I had a great experience, and I would recommend this place to everyone.

- Gabrielle H., 5-star google review

Jan 14, 2017


Amazing experience, such a clean shop and the artists are great to work with friendly and very talented! From free hand to amazing coverups and pricings I've been coming here for many years now and I will not Switch to any other tattoo shop 10/10

- Uki D., 5-star google review

Jan 8, 2017

"I'd definitely see him again"

Marvin did my tattoo absolutely beautiful he's great with very little details I'd definitely see him again!

 - Ren R., 5-star google review

Dec 30, 2016

"...Best Tattoo ARtist..."

Marvin is the best tattoo artist I have been to. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Lawrence B., 5-star google review

Dec 21, 2016

"...100% confident..."

Highly recommended! Marvin is awesome at what he does. I went to get my half sleeve done a few years back and a chest piece at the beginning of this year. Recently, I went to see him to add on to my sleeve. He's very professional and always puts his clients first. I've received so many compliments on my tattoos that I am 100% confident that Marvin will always be my go to guy when I want to get fresh ink.

- Jonathan A., 5-star google review

Dec 20, 2016

"Friendly Staff"

Excellent service, excellent artists and friendly staff. My gf and I have been getting our tats by Marvin here at PHAT BUDDHA. Started from my first tat and on to my fourth one in January. He's very talented and cool individual. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting their first tat or cover up!!! He definitely knows what he's doing.

- Belal A., 5-star google review\

Dec 16, 2016

"When I go, I get tattooed by phil"

I got my sleeve done here and I'll get my other one done here too! The staff is outstanding. Very personable they remember there customers. When I go, I get tattooed by phil. Extremely professional and will always give you 100%

 - Alexander S., 5-star google review

Dec 8, 2016

"Deff consider Phil...."

I've had Phillip for two amazing pieces. The first was a lion chest peice and then a Phoenix half sleeve Asian style . He did an amazing job for both at a great price. Everything was professional but still very friendly for a first timer . Deff consider Phil if your looking for a great tattoo any size and pretty much any style .

 - Derek M., 5-star google review

Dec 5, 2016

"Phillip is an amazing artist..."

I got my sleeve finished here, Philip is an amazing artist... I've been so amazed by his talents that now several of my friends have gone to see him. I highly recommend this shop and definitely recommend getting Philip do do it for you. I'd give ten stars of I could

- Yarko F., 5-star-google review

Dec 5, 2016

"...the detail is absolutely incredible"

polynesian tattoo by rob

polynesian tattoo by rob

Passionate and professional are the terms that come to my mind for Rob Tatau at Phat Buddha. Always service oriented, dedicated to making the project not only perfect in form but also experience. Robs passion showed through the first time I met him for a consult and that's what sealed the deal for me. After meeting him in person and talking about my rough ideas for a Hawaiian inspired half sleeve he immediately had ideas and showed me his vision on my arm. He took the time to get a feel for who I am to better customize my piece. The tattoo itself is so far beyond what I've ever seen or expected it's impossible to put into words - the detail is absolutely incredible. My piece is the turtle half sleeve on Robs instagram, a Ohana inspired theme. I highly recommend Rob for any style of tattoo you are looking for - his skill as an artist is phenomenal.

 - Chris C., 5-star google review

Dec 5, 2016

"incredibly talented"

I've gotten 3 tattoos and 1 custom coverup from Logan at Phat Buddha and I honestly don't wanna go to any other artist. He's incredibly talented, funny and meticulous about being clean and doing a good job overall. He's even saved me by talking me out of a bad tattoo instead of just doing it and taking the money. He's kinda like a MGK, Rich Chigga hybrid with a tattoo machine. Absolutely fantastic!

 - Ryan M., 5-star google review

Dec 2, 2016

"The artists have great vibes"

I got my first tattoo here with Marlon over a month ago and have since acquired a couple more. The shop is clean and the artists have great vibes which made me comfortable enough to let them pierce my virgin skin. :) My most recent one was done by Jamieson and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. Planning my next one already. Thanks J!

- Cheryl L., 5-star google review

Nov 28, 2016


I had the pleasure of getting my first tattoo done here by artist Logan. A chest script done in memory for my older brother who is no longer with us. For being a year plus in the tattoo industry his artwork, especially "trash Polka", is comparable to someone who has spent years doing this! Shout out to Rob and Phil the two senior artists. Thanks and I recommend everyone to hit up Phat Buddha to see Logan and the gang for some work!

 - Michael U., 5-star google review

Nov 22, 2016


"Talented and professional!"

Jamieson is one of the best! So talented and professional! Great job 👌

- Anita J., 5-star google review

Nov 16, 2016